Anti-Semitic Buccaneers Sink Independence Party

joseph tiraco

New York's 2001 political season will look like none that has proceeded it. Enlightened reforms in New York City are centered around term limits and 4 to 1 matching funds for all candidates that accept limits on campaign contributions, reforms which amount to a bloodless revolution and perhaps the rise of citizen legislators. The judiciary too has chimed in, fanning the flames of election reform with recent rulings that broaden the petition process. These meaningful changes intruded by ballot initiatives demonstrate the clear intent of New Yorkers to lower the 98% reelection rate for incumbents.

Behind the distinctly 21st Century New York City election, the Independence Party, and its legion of centrist reformers - free for the first time in the party's history to run for public office due in part to a successful cult led coup - are attempting to hide a dirty little secret, complete capitulation to the Newman-Fulani cult. Newman's lifelong struggle for political ascendancy attests to his iron will, but little else. His doctrine is extreme, egocentric and completely abhorrent to the average person: he preaches Marxism, bigotry, family abandonment, and friendosexuality, a word he coined meaning, to habitually sleep with one's best friends as a means of personal development.

Through a curious mixing of callow youth, the ultra ambitious and the weak minded, this cult leader has refined the parasitic art of mind control, and focused his automata on organizational takeovers. His tactics have remained remarkably unchanged over time as revealed by Internet research. (Enter the name, Newman in the search engines at the Anti Deformation League, www.adl.org and Political Research Associates, www.publiceye.org.)

Next year's statewide political races could mark the end of the Independence Party, or most certainly, the relinquishment of Row C, considering the following factors:

  • the demise of Perot's national Reform Party as a direct result of infiltration by the Newman-Fulani cult,
  • founder Tom Golisano's disaffection with his own party because of the cult's growing influence,
  • embarrassingly low voter support at the polls,
  • and rumblings by the state legislature to raise the minimum standards for ballot status.

Can the Independence Party be saved? That is, saved from itself? With leadership so meek it imbibes laced Cool-Ade without struggle, so dull it perceives a Communist takeover as democracy in action, so self absorbed and spineless it condemns to oblivion New York's third party reform movement without the slightest vestige of fighting esprit; without conscience, without conviction, without a whimper.

We can call Newman the ruthless lord of the dysfunctional, but he makes no excuses or apologies; his adherents deliver automatous fealty, and like a crusty old pirate, he takes what he wants and sinks the rest. The Independence Party has been boarded, the captain abandoned ship, and the crew proved no more then cowering deck swabs. All that remains is the looting and sinking. It will be very painful to watch.

March 2001

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